Today the company is growing aggressively to become a total transport company. The company is planning to acquire shipping assets. Buying a 250 MT floating crane is the first step towards this goal. The floating crane named RIJA is currently operating in Mumbai port and is the heaviest lifting crane of its kind in this port.

The company has also expanded into foreign markets by forming a subsidiary in Singapore. This subsidiary owns and operates vessels with operations based in Singapore.

Our Agency business is growing as we continue to build relationships with several break-bulk and heavy-lift carriers. This allows us to serve our clients in the petro-chemical, steel, oil and power plant sectors. Our road division is also experiencing growth with an increase in the number of trailers owned.

We plan to bring in experienced marketing and operations staff to help increase our client base and expand our operations country-wide.

Our philosophy has always been "customer-satisfaction". We strive to add value during every step of the process for our customers.

Together with the deployment of advanced information technology, and experienced dedicated staff we have created a sea of change in the handling of customers' requirements and raising the level of service in the industry to new standards.