March 2007

Link Shipping was awarded a contract by the buyers for the transport of a Hydrogen plant in Houston, Texas. The plant belonged to Bayer Inc. The scope was to dismantle the entire plant, pack it into containers or crates, custom clear and transport the entire plant to the buyer’s site in India. This plant formed part of the refinery being constructed at Jamnagar in India. The total project was shipped in six lots with a combination of containers and break-bulk shipments. There were a total of 67 x 40’ DV, 2 x 45’ as well as 13 packages sent as break-bulk. The heaviest piece transported was 70 MT. The project spanned a total of 4 months with all activities happening simultaneously.

Special challenges faced in this project were the stringent health and safety regulation imposed by Bayer at their site. This was a running plant in Houston, so we had to ensure that the residues remaining in the pipelines were flushed prior to dismantling. The reformer tubes needed special handling. We built pigeon hole cages inside containers to store and transport the reformer tubes. An expert was engaged to carryout match marking so that the erection in India would be an easy task. The entire operation was completed 38 days prior to the contracted completion date without any incidents.