January 2008

Floating crane RIJA performed a task of lifting 4 pieces weighing 195 mt each from a vessel in Indira Docks and discharged them into a mini bulk carrier owned by Essar. Essar had had imported these pieces for their Hazira Plate Mill from Immingham in the UK. The ship's cranes were incapable of lifting these pieces. Essar, therefore, entrusted this task to Link Shipping. With the co-operation of port authorities the vessels were conveniently berthed at 1-ID & 2-ID. Shifting the cargo from 1-ID vessel to 2-ID vessel without the use of another barge was tricky. FC RIJA lifted these pieces and manouvered herself to 2-ID. This was possible because the floating crane is fitted with a bow thruster. Such operation was never carried out in Mumbai Port. This floating crane is proving to be a great asset in Mumbai Port and the trade in general is very happy that heavy lifts unto 250T