Link Shipping has diversified its services and has moved into providing crane services.

The company acquired its own Floating Crane "RIJA". The crane has a lifting capacity of 250 MT and is the heaviest lifting crane of its kind in Mumbai port. F.C. RIJA is currently commissioned for cargo work in and around Mumbai port.

In December 2007 though, the crane was towed to Dhabhol where it was hired to work at the newly reopened RGPPL plant. In February 2008 she successfully discharged 4 x 195 MT pieces. This set a new high for pieces discharged by a floating crane in Mumbai port. She was also involved in the Salvage of M.V. Chitra. F.C. RIJA is registered under an Indian flag and is fully certified under the current regulations. She also has tested and certified lifting gear. Please contact us for further details and technical specifications of the crane.

F.C Rija Crane Specifications
OHSAS Policy